Wednesday, 3 September 2014



I started the day reasonably well, the first thing I noticed was a well placed 'F*!$k Nato' sign under a bridge in Cardiff. Here is the photo.
The day was bright and warm, unusual for this month's climate. At the bus station was a surveillance vehicle of the police, this is used to gather information on people.
On the way of course, I saw lots of police officers so security was high.
Bus arrangements have been altered between Cardiff and Newport. Along the way I saw media from the Turkish TRT tv channel and S4C the welsh language channel. 
TRT tv

 There were welcome signs and flags put up in Cardiff to welcome visitors for the historic summit. 

Lots of police around town as you can see. These were taken on the bus to Newport.

 The above photos are of a park called Tredegar park which is hosting a peace camp for protestors. It was quiet when I went and I'm sure the planned protest at 11am/12pm will have people in it from Tredagar park. On the way back, there was a female protestor that forgot her flag on the bus who I gave her back her flag.
 Newport bus station
Police man at roundabout
Peace camp sign

I got back to Cardiff after realizing that there was no action in Newport that day. 
 I met another Russian television reporter.
 Outside the castle, no trouble this time.
 Carl from AFP.
 Police vans across in front of the castle.
 London Met police
 Specialist security for the NATO summit in black vehicles.
 The NATO flag above the castle.
Different flags to display

There was a meeting of the SWP in Cardiff. They discussed mostly about Palestine as there was a Palestinian from the West Bank who came. He said that NATO which America is part of is funding Israel to continue the occupation of Palestine.

  I filmed part of the fence in front of the Castle to give viewers a sense of the size but unfornately I was stopped by a police officer.
She asked for my ID and press card which they said was 'not official' as they have accredited press for the summit. This means folks that the press is controlled, be careful what you read and watch. Luckily, a lady from the SWP meeting stopped and they saw that I was been harrassed unecessarily. After 2 minutes, they let me go. I then went home, hopefully, tomorrow I will meet Pres. Obama.  

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