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The mainstream media has done an excellent job of propagandising the events over the last two days. Here is an example of the stuff you get from the mainstream media that has bombarded the internet.
The sites are Walesonline (Rupert Murdoch,) BBC, South Wales Argus (Rupert Murdoch), Twitter etc.

Nato Summit 2014: Live updates from second day of meeting of world leaders

We're live throughout the day with the latest from the summit at Celtic Manor where heads of state and government are meeting for a second day on major issues affecting the world's security

Day two of the Nato Summit at the Celtic Manor
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Live updates throughout the day with the latest from the summit at Celtic Manor where heads of state and government are meeting for a second day on major issues affecting the world's security
8:43 pm
Meanwhile, Nato has followed in Barack Obama's footsteps thanked Wales for hosting the historic summit with this video.
8:39 pm
So, this family were just out for a walk near Stonehenge when they spotted a familiar face...
7:17 pm
A team of officers from Humberside Police in Newport as part of the team for the Nato Summit came to the aid of a man set to jump from one of the city's bridges this afternoon.
The officers spotted the man about to leap from the Town Bridge and intervened before they were joined by other officers who put crowd control measures into place and asked for back-up from the fire and ambulance services.
But before anyone else arrived the team at the scene brought the man down from the edge and he was taken to hospital.
Superintendent Marc Budden of Gwent Police said: "We are very grateful to all supporting forces who have helped keep Newport and South Wales safe during Nato and to the Humberside officers who acted so quickly in this instance to save the man in trouble."
7:07 pm

6:45 pm
US President Barack Obama has made a detour to Stonehenge for a tour prior to flying back to the US after his departure from the Nato Wales Summit.
And he's off! Just minutes after finishing his press conference, Mr Obama is in the air and on his long journey back to the US. Safe flight, Mr President!

Here's Barack Obama issuing his final words and leaving the stage at the Celtic Manor.

"Thank you very much Wales, I had a wonderful time." These are Barack Obama's last words as he finishes his press conference and leaves the microphone. He'll be leaving Wales shortly after becoming the first serving US President to set foot here. Hopefully he'll be back.
Back at the press conference, Mr Obama says "it's impossible to contain ISIL", and adds "the goal has to be to dismantle them". Comparing ISIL to al-Qaeda, he says the tactic must be to push them back, degrade their capabilities, shrink their territory, take out their leadership, and over time ensure they are not able to conduct the same scale of terrorist attacks that they once could.
Breaking away from Mr Obama's press conference for a couple of minutes, raise a smile for a minute with these 18 things we never expected to learn from the Nato Summit.
What we've learned from the Nato summit
Obama: "We reaffirmed that the door to NATO membership remains open to nations that can meet our high standards."
Mr Obama says the task force in eastern Europe signifies that it's "crystal clear" that Nato means what it says with regards to Ukraine's sovereignty.
Obama: "I'm very pleased with the kind of work that's been done throughout this crisis in the UK, and the US leadership has been critical in that."
4:59 pm
President Obama is now giving a news conference at the Celtic Manor Resort ahead of his departure from Wales this evening.
"It’s a great honour to be the first sitting US President to visit Wales," he told reporters.
Addressing global security issues, Mr Obama says the summit has proved Nato will "defend all allies", and stresses how that applies to Eastern Europe.
Barack Obama is giving a press conference at the Celtic Manor. He has thanked the "people of Newport, Cardiff and Wales for their welcome", and says he's honoured to be the first US President to visit Wales.
Protesters at the peace camp in Newport have packed up almost a day early amid disappointment with the turnout for the Nato demonstrations, which was far below the thousands expected. Meanwhile, police have thanked demonstrators for ensuring the protests were peaceful.
4:53 pm
First Minister Carwyn Jones has issued a written statement marking the conclusion of the historic Nato Wales Summit.
He wrote: "As members know, the Nato Wales 2014 conference was held at the Celtic Manor Resort on 4-5 September.  This conference had particular significance due to the levels of current international tension in several parts of the world.
"First and foremost the conference passed off securely and without incident, either for those directly engaged with the conference or for the wider Welsh public. 
"I wish to pay tribute to the months of planning on security and resilience arrangements by the police, Welsh Government, local authorities, the NHS and a range of other agencies. 
"It is of primary importance that democratic governments are able to conduct their affairs in secure conditions and we can all, I think, be proud of the effectiveness of Welsh agencies who worked diligently with UK colleagues to ensure a viable and safe conference. 
"I should like to pay tribute, too, to businesses and the general public across Newport and Cardiff, both for their support for Nato Wales 2014 and their tolerance of some inevitable disruption arising from security and logistical management at centres associated with the conference. 
"I am firmly of the view that the benefits to Wales greatly outweighed any short-term disruption. 
"The benefits to Wales arising from the conference are clear. The Celtic Manor Resort, hotels across the whole of South Wales, caterers, logistics companies and a wide range of other service providers have all benefited directly. 
"A message has gone to the world saying 'Wales IS Open For Business' – and can deliver.  
"We have demonstrated yet again that we have the business infrastructure and the organisational capacity among public bodies to support even the largest and most prestigious of events. 
"During the course of the conference, and in the period leading up to it, Wales has been at the centre of the international news agenda and has received numerous mentions in global reportage.  Commercial concerns pay many millions of pounds on advertising and the benefit to Wales from this level of coverage is almost incalculable.        
"The bulk of the costs of the conference have been paid by the UK Government.  The Welsh Government has worked closely with UK colleagues and some costs fell to us.  In due course, we will publish an account of what the Welsh Government invested around the Wales Nato Summit and an indication of the benefits to the Welsh economy.
"Nato’s affairs, in policy terms, lie outside the scope of the Welsh Government and the National Assembly but it is appropriate to say that the security of Wales and the United Kingdom, and our fellow democracies, is something that we should never take for granted. 
"I am mindful, too, that Welsh service personnel across the forces play a full and active role in maintaining our collective security, sometimes at a heavy cost, and I trust that members will join me in acknowledging our debt to them."
3:14 pm
The HMS Duncan will be open to the public between 11am and 6pm this Sunday.
Crowds gather to watch HMS Duncan arrives at Cardiff Bay during preparations for the NATO summit
 We were lucky enough to go on board earlier in the week  and can recommend a visit. The ship weighs 8,000 tonnes and carries 48 missiles.
2:56 pm
The Ministry of Defence has issued the following statement from the Nato Summit:
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has signed a letter of intent with international partners to develop the Joint Expeditionary Force.
The letter of intent, signed with partners from Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway, aims to develop the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) so that it is fully operational before 2018.
The JEF is a pool of high readiness, adaptable forces that is designed to enhance the UK’s ability to respond rapidly, anywhere in the world, with like-minded allies, or on behalf of international organisations such as the UN or NATO.
The UK’s contribution will include the lead commando, airborne, armoured, aviation, air and maritime task groups.
The Defence Secretary said: "I am very pleased that we have signed a letter of intent with our partners to establish the Joint Expeditionary Force.
"This will be developed around the UK’s existing high readiness units and will provide a capability that can respond anywhere in the world, in any environment, as part of a coalition, or on behalf of international organisations such as the UN and NATO.
"We are stronger together. Our partners from Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway have all agreed to attach forces to the JEF when the time is right for us to stand together."
The signing ceremony took place with all 28 defence ministers in Cardiff aboard HMS Duncan on September 4 at the NATO Summit.
Crown Copyright/PA Wire
HMS Duncan arriving in Cardiff ahead of the Nato summit
 During the signing, discussions took place on how the agreement will allow the UK and JEF partners to continue with the excellent operational co-operation that has been achieved to date in places like Afghanistan. The force will provide the UK’s focus for developing flexible, rapid response forces for NATO, or other coalition operations, to meet together the challenges of an unpredictable world.
Through the UK-led JEF, a model for others to follow as well as a focus for fairer defence burden-sharing is being provided.

Vale of Glamorgan Council has warned of increased traffic towards Cardiff Airport as the delegates start to make their way home

Cardiff Castle has tweeted about the historic evening held there

Here is that Nato menu in full. What would you have chosen to eat?
Prime Minister David Cameron has tweeted a video the  Red Arrows  over Celtic Manor this morning

Contractors are working around the clock to remove the fences from around Cardiff Castle following last night's gala dinner for Nato. It is hoped that everything will have gone by Sunday afternoon and road closures will remain in place until then
Workmen begin to remove the security fence around Cardiff Castle
Workmen begin to remove the security fence around Cardiff Castle
Welsh crab from Cardigan Bay, lamb from the Brecon Beacons and fruit pudding - that is what Barack Obama feasted on at Cardiff Castle it has been finally revealed today. Read the full story  here
AP Photo/Yves Herman
Government leaders and officials at Cardiff Castle's banqueting hall
Fabulous picture of the Brecon Beacons in the background as the world leaders attended the morning session on the last day of the Summit. The picture was commissioned by Downing Street ahead of the Summit
World leaders attend a Nato Summit session at the Celtic Manor, complete with stunning Brecon Beacons photographic backdrop
World leaders attend a Nato Summit session at the Celtic Manor, complete with stunning Brecon Beacons photographic backdrop
And here is that page on the White House website
Mount Pleasant on the White House
Mount Pleasant on the White House website
More excitement for the children of  Mount Pleasant Primary  in Rogerstone as day after the President came to visit

US Secretary of State John Kerry called for an international plan for tackling the threat from IS to be in place by the time of the United Nations General Assembly in New York later this month.
Mr Kerry and Mr Hammond jointly chaired a meeting of ministers at the Nato summit from what the US called a "core coalition" of allies to discuss the way forward.
"We have the technology, we have the know-how. What we need is obviously the willpower to make sure that we are steady and stay at this," Mr Kerry said. "We need to have this coalesce."
France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Poland and Denmark were all represented at the talks.

One  journalist  even ended up in Bristol instead of Cardiff for the gala dinner in the city last night
One  journalist  even ended up in Bristol instead of Cardiff for the gala dinner in the city last night
On the whole the Nato Summit seems to have run smoothly, but not everyone is of that opinion. International reporters covering the Nato Summit have hit out at some of the organisation behind the event – and branded Thursday night’s transport arrangements a “shambles”. Find out why  here
Cardiff Bus has announced that routes and bus stops in the city centre will return to normal from Sunday following the recent changes introduced during the Summit .
Buses travelling on the baycar route will continue to operate only as far as the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay until further notice.
The company says that for travellers looking to attend the ‘Meet the Forces’ event on Sunday 7 September in Cardiff Bay,  the bus operator is reminding travellers that the baycar route operates every 15 minutes from the city centre direct to Cardiff Bay and all day family travel starts from £5.
Remember though that the  Cardiff 10K  race takes place on Sunday morning and there will be some minor diversions in place because of that

Poland will host the next Nato Summit it was announced by the Polish President today at the Celtic Manor press conference that has just started
Yet another great picture of the  Red Arrows  over Cardiff Bay this morning

Fears of more protests on the final day of the Summit have failed to materialise as many campers at the peace protest in Tredegar Park are starting to leave to return home
From police officers taking a break in Burger King to masked protesters and shots from inside a Red Arrows cockpit, here  are some of the best pictures taken during the Nato Summit

Work is well underway to remove the fencing from around Cardiff, it is expected to have completely gone by Sunday afternoon at the latest. This is the latest from Cardiff Council

After a morning of meetings, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is due to give a press conference at the Celtic Manor at 12.30pm today
Great picture of former rugby players Martyn Williams, Gareth Edwards and Jonathan Davies and television presenter Gethin Jones (in the Sumo suit) visiting the Summit at Celtic Manor

According to America's ABC News a US Secret Service agent assigned to protect President Obama at the Summit was injured on the job after a car in the presidential motorcade accidentally rolled over his foot.
After opening a car door, the vehicle moved unexpectedly striking his limb, according to eyewitness Eric Connor, a member of the press pool covering Obama’s arrival at an evening banquet for world leaders at the historic Cardiff Castle.
The agent was taken from the scene with ice and a bandage on his foot to University Hospital of Wales.
A Secret Service spokesman said the agent was getting the injury “checked out” but that it was a “minor injury.”
Obama was not involved, the official said, and the offending vehicle was not the armored “Beast” which ferries the president from place to place on foreign trips.
Barack Obama arrives at Cardiff Castle
Chief Executive of the Celtic Manor Resort, Simon Gibson OBE, has been talking about the significance of a Welsh Nato Summit in increasing the profile of the country.  
He said: "Hosting the summit has been a great opportunity for the local community and for the brand awareness of the city and of Wales. A lot of people recognise Scotland and Ireland, but haven't necessarily recognised what Wales has done. Many people think Wales is spelt with an 'h' and swims in the sea. Hopefully the Wales summit will raise the profile of the country as a separate entity."
Listen in full  here
Amazing picture of the Red Arrows over Celtic Manor taken by our photographer David Hurst. For more pictures and report click  here
The Red Arrows fly over The Celtic Manor Resort as the Nato conference winds down for the final day
The Nato Summit might finish today, but the warships will be in Cardiff Bay until next Tuesday and on Sunday a Meet the Forces Day has been organised for members of the public.
There will be the chance to explore ships including the Type-45 Destroyer HMS Duncan, one of the Navy’s most advanced ships, climb army walls, examine tanks and RAF replica planes and enjoy military bands.
The ‘Meet the Forces’ Day will run from 11am until 6pm.
This picture of French President Fran├žois Hollande looking in the wrong direction is being shared extensively on Twitter this morning

The world leaders are not the only famous faces hanging out at the Celtic Manor today

Video of this morning's fly past over South Wales

Amazing pictures from the Red Arrows plane this morning

Eyes to the skies! Some of the world leaders at the  Nato Summit  watching the Red Arrows fly past over Celtic Manor this morning
Nato leaders watch a flypast of military aircraft from Nato member countries on the final day of the summit
Nato leaders watch a flypast of military aircraft from Nato member countries on the final day of the summit
We love this picture, this squirrel managed what the  protesters  couldn't last night - breaking through the impregnable three mile ring of steel around Cardiff Castle
A grey squirrel breaks through the impregnable three mile ring of steel around Cardiff Castle
A grey squirrel breaks through the impregnable three mile ring of steel around Cardiff Castle
With all eyes on Wales for the Nato Summit, here's what makes  WalesOnline proud to be Welsh  summed up in a one minute (well, just over) video

Fantastic gallery of pictures of the Red Arrows over South Wales this morning

There is reports of traffic congestion in Penarth as people make their way home from watching this morning's fly past. Main problem areas are Paget Road in both directions between Steep Street and Penarth Portway.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has told Sky News that Russian President Vladimir Putin knows there is a "red line" around Nato member states in an interview from the Summit this morning
If you're wondering who's who in that stunning Nato Summit picture in that  stunning Cardiff Castle picture  wonder no more. Have a look here  at our who's who of global leaders who have been in the city
Wales News Service Ltd.
The family shot at Cardiff Castle
After the excitement of this morning’s Red Arrows fly past it will be back to business for the heads of state and governments on day two of the Nato Summit. Read what they are discussing  here
Prime Minister David Cameron holds a meeting with US President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
First Minister Carwyn Jones praised the turn out to watch the Red Arrows fly past in Cardiff Bay this morning

What a picture of the Red Arrows over St David's Hotel in Cardiff Bay this morning
CARDIFF, WALES - SEPTEMBER 05: Red Arrows fly over St. David's Hotel at Cardiff Bay, Wales, on the final day of the NATO Summit. Leaders and senior ministers from across the world are gathering for the two day meeting where Ukraine and the ISIS hostages are likely to be discussed. (Photo by Matthew Horwood)
There was a round of applause from the Nato leaders as the planes flew over the Celtic Manor
And then they were gone. The crowds in Cardiff Bay to watch the fly past have already vanished

Here they are down the Bay

The planes have also now flown over the Celtic Manor watched by David Cameron and Barack Obama
We have lift off, fly past has flown past Cardiff. Did you see it? Send us your pictures
Very true

Schoolchildren out waiting in Newport too. Still no sign in Cardiff

First Minister Carwyn Jones is waiting too

Everyone in Cardiff seems to be looking up to the skies, but no sign yet
And it is not just down the Bay, office workers are delay their start to the day waiting for the fly past

Fly past is late

Picture of the crowds down the Bay

Reports of a couple of thousand people gathering in Cardiff Bay, along the barrage and in Penarth, but still no sign of the planes
There are thousands of people now down in the Bay, but no sign of the fly past yet
There are also hundreds of spectators watching from the other side of the Bay on the barrage, with just over five minutes to go until the fly past
The Red Arrows display will showcase aircraft from nine countries including the UK, US, Canada, Denmark, France and Poland. It will be flanked by a pair of Polish Mig-29s and followed by Voyager, the RAF’s largest and newest aircraft. Read more  here
Quite slow traffic on approaches to Cardiff Bay this morning, apart from that it is quiet elsewhere with no major problems to report
The crowds have been gathering for the past hour, ready for the fly past in around 10 minutes

Crowds are starting to gather in Cardiff Bay ready for the fly past

Look up to the skies! Not long now for the  Red Arrows  flypast. Here are the best places to watch
Cardiff Bay 8.30am
Spytty Park, Beechwood and Lliswerry areas of Newport  8.45am.
Celtic Manor for around 9am
And this if from the US Department of Defense (how they spell it!)

Barack Obama's schedule for today from the White Office Press Office
  • In the morning, President Obama attends a Fly-Over Event with NATO North Atlantic Council Members.
  • The President then attends a NATO Summit Leaders' Session on Future NATO.
  • In the afternoon, President Obama attends a NATO Summit Leaders' Session on the Transatlantic Bond.
Looks like it is quiet on the trains this morning as well

This is what you can expect to see of the  Red Arrows  in Newport this morning

Road restrictions remain in Cardiff, but contractors have been working through the night to move the fences and restrictions around the city. This is not expected to be completed until Sunday afternoon.
The council says the dismantling work is taking place the following road closures will remain in place:
  • North Road (from Colum Road junction through to Kingsway)
  • Kingsway
  • Duke Street
  • Boulevard de Nantes,
  • Cowbridge Road East (from Cathedral Road junction across Castle Street Bridge)
  • Castle Street 
Looks like Wales has won a new admirer! Of the country,  Mr Obama  said “you can see natural beauty, the wonderful people, great hospitality.” Let's hope he remembers to tell his fellow countrymen that Wales is not in England
Barack Obama arrives at Cardiff Castle
So far, so good on the roads in South Wales this morning. No major problems to report and busy in all the usual places. Remember there are still restrictions in Cardiff and around the Celtic Manor in Newport. Yesterday, with many people working from home and schools either closed or staggering their times meant that there was very little traffic problems - in fact Cardiff resembled a ghost town at rush hour. Take a look  here
For those of you interested, this is the formation that the Red Arrows will be taking over the skies of South Wales
Red Arrows formation
Red Arrows formation
This is the latest advice on the flypast from Nato
"The RAF’s Red Arrows will be joined by aircraft from across the NATO alliance for the flypast over the Summit at the Celtic Manor resort on Friday 5 September at 9am.
Local residents in Cardiff should head to Cardiff Bay at 8.30am for the best view of the planes.
In Newport people should be ready to watch the display at 8.45am as it passes south of the City Centre, over Spytty Park, Beechwood Park and Lliswerry.
The planes will soar across South Wales, passing the National Assembly building in Cardiff Bay on the way to the Summit, where world leaders including Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama will be among delegates from the 28 NATO member states."
After this morning's fly past it will be back to business for the heads of state and governments , who will conclude their summit this afternoon with the release of their NATO Summit Wales declaration.
And here is the South Wales Echo front page
Front page of the South Wales Echo, September 5, 2014
Front page of the South Wales Echo, September 5, 2014
Here is the South Wales Echo's front page
South Wales Echo front page, September 5, 2014
South Wales Echo front page, September 5, 2014
The front pages of the Western Mail and the South Wales Echo mark the historic events of yesterday as the  Nato Summit  shone the eyes of the world on Wales. Here is the front page of the Western Mail and there is lots more coverage and pictures from the first day
Historic front page of Western Mail, September 5, 2014
Historic front page of Western Mail, September 5, 2014
Perfect weather conditions this morning for watching the  Red Arrows  soaring across the skies of South Wales. It promises to be a largely dry day with light winds and feeling warm in the sunshine.
The Red Arrows perform a flypast during the Grand Depart at Harewood House, near Leeds, at the start of the 2014 Tour de France
The Red Arrows
Let's do it all again today! There is still a big police presence across South Wales this morning, although yesterday's protests passed off relatively peacefully.
The area around Cardiff Castle last night saw a  demonstration of approximately 250 protesters.
The group, using loud hailers and carrying placards protested outside the castle whilst an evening reception was being held for the NATO delegates but didn't cause any disruption.
During the protest four arrests were made.
These included a 21-year-old man from Cambridge who was arrested for a public order offence and possession of an offensive weapon; a 49-year-old woman from Cardiff for obstructing police and attempting to prevent an arrest; a 24-year-old woman from Cardiff for obstructing a police officer and a 54-year-old man from Surrey for breach of the peace.
Chief Supt Alun Maxwell Thomas from South Wales Police said: “Police liaison officers spent time engaging with those people due to be involved in the protest activity, which was the case for every protest so far leading up to and during the NATO summit. Only a very small minority were involved in criminal activity with the majority protesting peacefully.”
Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the second day of the Nato Summit. It has been a historic couple of days for Wales so far, and last night this fantastic picture of Nato leaders at Cardiff Castle rounded off the first day.
At a working dinner held in the castle's banqueting hall, David Cameron warned fellow leaders that they must halt ransom payments to terrorist kidnappers. He said: “It is utterly self-defeating. It is worse than self-defeating, it is actually a risk to us back at home.”
During the summit yesterday at Celtic Manor, leaders dealt with some of the main risks to world peace, including the crisis in eastern Ukraine, Afghanistan and Islamic State (IS).
Wales News Service Ltd.
The family shot at Cardiff Castle

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