Tuesday, 2 September 2014

NATO brings Police State to South Wales, UK

As the NATO summit starts in Newport this week, has the ramped up security been adequate or just another excuse for more police state?
The ancient roman foundation medievel castle surrounded by a steel fence. 
Ironically the foundation of the castle was a Roman barracks and with America being described as an empire. It's location is very apt. With the steel fence already erected it has affected the surrounding businesses already.
 The steel fence around Cardiff Castle.
Nato Summit 2014: Businesses near Cardiff Ring of Steel claim trade has dropped by a third since fence was erected
Sports therapy student Alex Conroy said: “Cardiff is currently like living in a prison community, police and helicopters everywhere.”
Edward Bernays style propaganda aka public relations is being used when President Obama will visit a school on the first day of the summit.
Obama to visit a school on first day of summit

A legion of police officers ready to shut down any protest if they decide to protest.
Steel barriers put up along street to close them down as soon as possible if 'trouble' i.e. protestors come.
Police officers and armed patrols swarm into Cardiff city centre
Already protest have taken place already in Newport to counter the NATO summit.
Hundreds take to the streets of Newport in protest
An estimated 1,000 people have been marching through the centre of Newport, among them Stop The War and CND supporters.
Russia Today has an article covering the steel fencing already. Quote ' Construction of the fence began earlier in August and it will likely be fully dismantled by September 12, over a week after the summit. Armitt explained that the gates and barriers in the fence will be closed on September 4, creating what he called an “island.” The lockdown will run from 2am on September 4 to 6am on September 5.
Barry Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit has been forced to close during the summit, with patients moved elsewhere. Resident Jeff Heathfield told Barry & District News the move was “a massive over-reaction.” End Quote.

 These are a selection of statistics about the NATO summit that is about to start.
People will ask who voted for this?
A no-fly zone has been announced across South Wales ahead of the event.
Quote ' A no-fly zone has been put in place for parts of south Wales and Bristol during the three-days of the Nato summit.'
It will prevent light aircraft flying over the area below 10,000 ft (3,048 m) between the 3-5 September.' End Quote
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) imposed the restriction following a request from police.
Tweets have already been made by people from the local area such as James White tweeted: “Nice meal out in Cardiff Bay, although it appears to have turned into a police state.”
On Saturday, armed police were seen widely across Cardiff city centre – an effort South Wales Police said that wasn’t to do with the Nato Summit, but instead because of the raised terrorist threat level across the UK.
On Twitter, Cardiff Soul sent a picture on Saturday of three armed police standing by the John Batchelor statue in The Hayes, while there were reports of armed officers in the St David’s shopping centre and in McArthur Glen designer outlet in Bridgend.
The UK terror threat has been raised to increase the fear of terrorists in the UK.
UK terror threat level raised to 'severe' in response to Islamic State activity.
Will this be another excuse for a false-flag like 7/7?
No stone is left unturned as the drainage system is cleared and checked that it is sealed
The last time Britain hosted the Nato summit was 24 years ago in London. The event in Wales will also mark the 65th anniversary of Nato. Three sites in Cardiff will host working dinners for the heads of state and government, foreign ministers and defence ministers of the 28-nation military alliance on September 4, a joint statement from the Welsh Government and the Wales Office said.
The Chartist uprising of 1838 will inspire another march to protest NATO.
Nato activists march on Newport by taking the really long way round
We will have to see if there is anything other than parasitical politician and their speeches.

Reporting live from Cardiff.
Mohammed Esufali

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